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Address: GaoYouShi Sanduo town west mail and east road
Zip code: 225600
Tel: 086-0514-8481 6968
Mobile: 13773449933
Fax: 086-0514-8481 6968
Contact: Mr. Wong
Web site: parkglen-tarrantcounty-texas.com


  Our company is located in Xishou Industrial Park in Sanduo County, Gaoyou, Jiangsu Province. It covers an area of 13000 square meters. Our company designs and produces professional stainless steel mechanical drawing machines include stainless steel tubular hydrogen furnace, inverted vertical drawing machine, spool take-up machine, cleaning machine, electrolytic pickling tank, trunk discharge line machine, linking and pulling machine, wet wire drawing machines of different sizes, as well as machines designed for the special need and size of our clients.
   Our company has attracted many professional technicians with specialized expertise, We can provide you different types of machines in different sizes, such as:
  16.0mm——0.035mm Hydrogen annealing accept line machines
  18.0mm——1.00mm Inverted vertical drawing Machines
  1000mm——250mm Spool take-up Machines
1.00mm——0.018mm Trunk discharge line Machines

90彩票Under the principles of “honest and down to earth”, we will try our best to meet the special needs of our clients while pursing a stable and cooperative relationship. We promise you the best quality and top standard services and welcome clients from both China and abroad.